Mathew 24 and Luke 21 Compared

Below is a link to a Word document with simple color comparison of the texts from Mathew 24 and Luke 21 (the color comparison only shows up when you open the document in word on PC or the Iphone/Android app). The reason I compiled this, was to illustrate that both accounts are the same and both reference events that occurred in and around AD 70 in Jerusalem. Pre Mil dispensationalists often will say that Luke 21 is a separate account than Mathew 24. They have to say this, because the “Abomination of Desolation spoken of through Daniel” in Mathew 24 is not the “antichrist” in Luke 21. Rather in Luke 21, Jesus uses “the armies that lay desolate” rather than the “Abomination of Desolation”. This ties the fulfillment of Luke 21 in with the destruction of the temple in AD 70. This further links the “great tribulation” and the “rapture” in with the persecution of the Jews and the Church by Rome and the afterward expansion of the Church all over the world. Instead of a literal “Rapture” being the intent of Jesus’ words, we see Him meaning an expansion and gathering of His people from every tribe and tongue across the world.  There is more to be said on this, however the comparison of Mathew 24 and Luke 21 leave the premil camp in trouble explaining away the clear similarities and context of Christ’s words.


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