Christian Fraternity

Protestants and Romanists would do well to bury the hatchet for the time being. Over the last 5 centuries Romanist aggression has killed at least two hundred thousand (that’s very very conservative) Protestants and the Romanists maintain that Protestants have stolen their property, given no justification for secession, etc..
My own ancestors appear to have been Moravians who fled Bohemia when it collapsed due to consistent attacks from Romanist Austria during the early 18th century. Compile that with a consistent adherence to the Reformed standards and a belief that the mass is blasphemous and this is no defense of Romanism.
The world as it comes down to us today is at a cross roads. The century old forces of postmodernism have used up a great deal of their capital and they are wearing thin. Even as old seeds bear many sour grapes, people are turning away from the eschewing of transcendent truth and recovering Christendom’s true inheritance of Christianity, family, locality, and tradition. The pushback is tremendous. The powers which array themselves against a renewed Christendom have all the worldly advantages. Mass communication, the world’s largest militaries, and many many other resources are squarely in their hands.
To navigate these waters it is paramount that Christians properly survey the situation and understand the combatants.
When Mohammadens attack Christian civilization, they do not discern distinctions between Coptic, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant, or any other strand of Christianity. Whether it is the burning of the library at Alexandria, the massacres of Smyrna and Antioch, the sacking of Constantinople, or the kidnapping of Welshman along the English coasts, they have always sought one goal: the destruction of Christendom.
When postmodernists assault the Christian commitment to God’s unchanging law they too do not single out any particular group of Christians. The Romanist nation of Argentina has maintained perhaps the most conservative commitment to anti-abortion policy in the Western World out of fidelity to God’s law and this ground that has been held should not be thought lightly of by Protestants simply because those faithful souls were Romanist.
When the media slanders Christians and Christian history they have little concern if the target is Romanist or Protestant.
Both Protestants and Romanists must realize that we have common enemies and we must be careful how we relate to one another and the world which wishes to destroy us both. Gleefully rejoicing over the RCC’s pedophilia problem is an incredibly short-sighted thing for Protestants to do. In the 2017-2018 grand jury investigation in PA the attorneys handed down not even a half dozen indictments out of three hundred priests investigated for illicit sexual conduct. This relative lack of scandal did not prevent the media from having a field day with the fact that three hundred priests were under investigation. Were Protestants indignant that the US justice system had spent tons of money and the media had created a circus out of what proved to be a non-event? Rather they joined hands with the secular media to berate the Romanists as “perverts” and “getting what they deserved”. Undoubtedly the doctrine of clerical celibacy is unbiblical and does lend towards pedophilia, however this does not excuse blatant lying by the media in attempt to slander Roman dioceses and it does not justify over-eager Protestants joining in the slander.
While Protestant missionaries have outworked Romanists in converting the heathen over the last four centuries, Romanist charity networks and hospitals are an under-appreciated but indispensable part of our nation and those of Europe. Many of the leaders in the resurgent Christendom, such as Italy’s deputy PM Matteo Salvini and most of Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban’s supporters are Romanists. These are allies that we would do well to have in re-establishing ourselves amidst the ruins or our own civilization.
Over the last several decades many Romanists have awoken to the fact that their church hierarchy has apostatized. Many of them are disgruntled with the actions of those claiming to be their spokesmen the exact same way most Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, and Episcopalians feel betrayed by their denominations. May God lead them out of their error. May God lead us all out of errors and into a renewed Christian civilization.
In conclusion, Protestants hold the theological high-ground. The mass is blasphemy. Transubstantiation is not biblical. The divine rule of a universal prelate has little support from the 1st millennia of Christian history and no Biblical support. Purgatory, penance, indulgence, I could go on.
But at this point our cause is fraternal and we must see this. Celebrating in each others tragedies and joining hands with a world that hates us both is not acceptable. If one of us falls, the enemy’s efforts will be doubled against him that remains.
I pray that one day the Romanist schism comes to a close and Christendom can be visibly united. But let this be done in providence and wisdom and let not our civilization dig its own grave for clinging to a fratricidal spirit.

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